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Leave us a voicemail: ​541-728-1022 

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Rental Assistance

See our Rental Assistance page- -->HERE<--

If you are at risk of eviction please complete this document and give to your landlord immediately. Then call Legal Aid Services of Oregon at (541) 385-6950 / 1-800-678-6944

COVID-19 Vaccination Info

Thrive's very own Vaccine Information Sheet!

COVID-19 vaccines are available at many locations across Deschutes County for anyone 12 or older. Parental or guardian consent is required to vaccinate people 12–14 years old, but this consent does not require that a parent or guardian be present during vaccination. To find out more info on the COVID-19 vaccine or to find appointment times visit:

Housing Information

Oregon Tenant Rights 

Updated information regarding rent unpaid during COVID-19, grace period extension for the eviction moratorium and tenant protections. 

Landlord/Tenant Law Info Slideshow

Federal Eviction Moratorium properties

Search national list to see if your rental is covered by the Federal Eviction Moratorium. 


Can I be evicted during coronavirus?

ProPublica database of rentals and dates when moratoriums expire based on state and location. 

Stimulus Information

Check the Status of a Stimulus Payment

What if 'Get My Payment' says:

Payment Status:

A payment has been processed, a payment date is available and payment is to be sent either by direct deposit or mail. Note: mail means you may be issued an EIP Card or a check.


You are eligible, but a payment has not been processed and a payment date is not available.


Payment Status Not Available:

If you get this message, either they have not yet processed your payment, or you are not eligible for a payment. They will continue to send the 2021 Economic Impact Payment to eligible individuals throughout 2021.


Need More Information:

If you get this message, your payment was returned to the IRS because the post office was unable to deliver it.

To have your payment reissued as a direct deposit, you can provide a routing and account number for a:

-Bank account

-Prepaid debit card (must be reloadable; contact the card issuer for information)

-Alternative financial products that have a routing and account number associated with them

If you don’t provide account information, they can’t reissue your payment until your address is updated. See My address has changed or is incorrect. What can I do to change or correct it to receive my payment?’


Can I receive stimulus payment if I didn’t file taxes due to not having income?

If you do not usually need to file for taxes (e.g. on disability/no income) you will need to submit a "free file" so the government knows where to send your check.






La Pine

SNAP Benefit Increases

Oregon Department of Human Services will increase SNAP benefits for all households that do not currently get the maximum benefit for both April and May 2020. See flyer for benefit maximums to see if you will be getting additional payments. 

Unemployment Insurance 

See link to flyer to see if you qualify for Unemployment Benefits. You can apply online at If you are having trouble accessing the application or would like help completing, please call us at 541-728-1022. 

Utility Assistance

If you are in need of rental or utility assistance and live in Redmond city limits we may be able to help, please fill out an application HERE. otherwise apply with NeighborImpact at this link.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

If you are currently an Oregon Health Plan member, you will not lost benefits during this national emergency. Your federal stipend will not change your eligibility. You can get your prescriptions by mail (see flyer for more details). If you have lost income or otherwise need to apply for OHP you can use the online application ( or call us at 541-728-1022. 

Legal Assistance

Legal Aid Services of Oregon: (541) 385-6950 / 1-800-678-6944

Self-help Resources: Oregon Law Help (COVID-19 specific and general)

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