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Black History Month - celebrate with us!

As censorship of African American education and literature continues across the nation, all of us must recognize the necessity of resistance. Our nation was built from the profits of chattel enslavement, morphing over time into Jim Crow laws, then mass incarceration and police brutality. This is every American's history, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

This month isn't just about acknowledging history, which can often be a replay of Black trauma. It's also a time to honor and celebrate Black contributions to art, literature and culture!

To read:

To watch:

Hulu and Netflix - there are SO many great shows and films out there! Links specifically to show/film lists by Black creators

To learn from:

Lynae Vanee (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) - short segments about the impact of history & current events

Adrienne Marie Brown - writer, educator

Kahlil Greene (TikTok, Instagram) - historian

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