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Meet our Community: Cindy

For this month’s client highlight, we talked with Cindy Scott to find out more about her and her experience working with Thrive. Cindy is a born and raised Oregonian who has lived in Central Oregon for decades and is a very involved community member. She finds value in giving back to the community and is looking forward to going to the senior center when she has time.

Since Cindy has lived in Central Oregon for so long, she has seen the many changes that have taken place, especially the increase in the cost of living. Since the cost of living has become so high, Cindy reached out to several organizations for assistance. She first heard about Thrive through NeighborImpact. At this time, Cindy was going through some challenges and was grateful that Thrive was able to assist her in signing up for the Housing Choice Voucher through HousingWorks. Cindy most recently worked with Chesed and Megan, two advocates at Thrive, and she found her experience to be extremely positive. She is grateful for all of their assistance, especially when it came to helping her extend her voucher when an emergency arose.

With the help of Thrive, Cindy has found an apartment where she can use her voucher, and she is slowly starting to move in. She has become happier and more hopeful since working with Thrive because she no longer has to worry about choosing between paying her rent or paying for food and other basic needs. She is overall more rested and healthier- both physically and emotionally.

When asked if she has advice for others who might be in a similar situation, she said “I recommend Thrive to everyone I meet, but I tell people that they have to put in the effort too. The advocates can’t do everything for you. You have to want it also.”

Cindy values patience, kindness, courage, humility, and love. Cindy is a light in our community, and we are so grateful to her for sharing her story. Thank you, Cindy!

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