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Meet our Community: Robin

This month we spoke with Robin, who moved to Central Oregon in 2012. Robin loves spending time with her kids, gardening, riding horses, and cooking. Robin originally lived in Bend when she first moved to Central Oregon but later moved to Powell Butte because of the high cost of living. Robin lived in Powell Butte for 7 years.

Robin started working with Thrive this year. When asked what brought her to Thrive, Robin said,

“The circumstances that brought me to Thrive included domestic abuse and almost becoming homeless. After leaving a 15-year-long abusive relationship, I was forced to find a job, alternative housing, and fight to keep my kids. I have been in therapy for about two years now to work on my PTSD and anxiety. My therapist was the one who brought up Thrive to me. I was very resistant at first, I hate to ask for help and pride myself in being able to do things on my own. Not to mention, most of the times I have asked for help, I heard the answer “no.”

Despite being nervous, Robin was brave and decided to reach out to Thrive for support with housing. When asked what her experience was like working with Thrive she said,

“I was nervous when I first went in to have my 30-minute appointment. I had my four-year-old with me and she was sick. Time was running out on my off-the-books sublet. I felt like a loser and a failure who could not even provide for her own children. I have a Master’s Degree for crying out loud! How was I almost homeless?! Sophie was SO NICE! I did not feel like I was being judged AT ALL. It was easy to talk to Sophie about what I needed and why.”

Although Robin reached out to Thrive for support, she did much of her housing search on her own and would frequently check in with Sophie at Thrive when she needed support. Since she started working with Thrive Robin has officially moved into an apartment with her children and has found a job. She is very happy to be where she is at! Robin’s advice for individuals who might be in a similar situation is,

“My advice for people who may be in a similar situation or even not similar; maybe you just need housing. Find the time to go in for the 30-minute consult. They are almost every day of the work week at all times of the day. You don’t need to find a sitter, bring the kids! It will be so worth it! Thrive helped me write an appeal to a property management that had denied me. When the time came that I was finally approved, Thrive PAID MY ENTIRE DEPOSIT! THE WHOLE THING! They also talked directly with the office managers so that everything was taken care of as far as my deposit went.”

Robin’s perspective on seeking help has changed since she started working with Thrive. She said,

“My perspective has definitely changed after working with Sophie at Thrive. I thought I would be made to feel like a failure and told no because I hadn’t done enough to be more self-sustainable. It was just the opposite!”

Robin wants people to know that they should never give up and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She said,

“I know it seems like endless darkness sometimes, but it will get better, and Thrive can help!”

Robin’s favorite quote is, “It always seems impossible until it is done” -Nelson Mandela

Thank you Robin for sharing your story. We are so grateful for you!

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