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Are you late on your rent?

Have you lost income and don't know how you're going to pay your bills?

Thrive has financial assistance available that may be able to help you! 

Please come to one of our drop-in sites,  email us ( or leave us a voicemail requesting an appointment (541-728-1022) 

Have you received an eviction notice? Please call Legal Aid Services of Oregon to find out what your rights are as a tenant: (541) 385-6950 or (800) 678-6944

Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance (OERAP) Info

The application for OERAP is currently CLOSED.

If you applied but your application is in limbo, please login to your portal to check the status.

  • What is OERAP and do I qualify?
    If you are a renter in Oregon, and has someone in your household that qualified for unemployment or has had a decrease in income or increase in expenses due to Covid-19, OR is at risk of homelessness, you MAY qualify. Please see the OERAP website for more information, and to apply. OERAP Website
  • I applied for OERAP, how do I check the status of my application? "
    You can check the status by calling OERAP, or by logging into your online portal. Please call regularly (weekly) to make sure your application is being processed and OERAP has everything they need. OERAP: 1 (844) 378-2931 Online portal
  • What if my application status says "Action pending"? "
    Your applicaiton status may say "action pending" because you still need to upload documents. You must upload or send in all required documents in order for your applicaiton to be processed. Please reach out to OERAP or log in to your online portal to find out what you need to do. OERAP: 1 (844) 378-2931 Online portal
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