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Every day, Thrive Central Oregon meets with individuals and families in Central Oregon
Our knowledge of local resources means that we can bridge the gap between the resources and supports our community holds, and those who can benefit most. Through our work in the community, we have had the honor of meeting thousands of resilient, unique individuals that each have a story to tell. These are but a few. 
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Finding a home

Beth moved to Central Oregon to be closer to family in 2017, after leaving an abusive relationship in another area of the state. Struggling with severe symptoms of PTSD, and without a place to live, she came to see Thrive because she was committed to finding a place to call her own. Over two years she met with Thrive consistently. In that time, she began working with a therapist, applied for and gained SSI income, applied for subsidized housing, started volunteering, and began taking a hold of her health through needed dental and physical health care. Beth just moved in to her very first apartment and is excited to start volunteering at the local thrift store. 

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Accessing affordable health care

After John was in a serious accident, he and his family (wife and two children) decided to move closer to extended family in Central Oregon. Though they had health insurance through John's job, he was forced to leave after the accident, and lost their coverage. The family came to see Thrive Central Oregon at a walk-in site, because they had difficulty applying for OHP on their own. After an appointment to complete the application, the whole household was approved. Their coverage was able to cover medical bills from the past 3 months. This access to healthcare allowed the family to focus on healing, instead of the medical debt they may have had without full coverage. 

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Applying for disability benefits

Rich made his living in lumber for decades, in mills and on private property. In 2018, at the age of 55, he was living on an employer's property when he suffered a near fatal heart attack. Though he survived, he was left without a vocation, income, and home. He came to Thrive for information about assistance right after being released from the hospital. Thrive assisted him in applying for General Assistance and SSDI, as well as basic needs like phone and shelter. Today Rich is working with mental and physical health providers, and lives in a small cabin. 

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