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If you're 16 years and older, it's your turn! That's right folks, we are finally at the stage we have been waiting for! We are urging all of you to get vaccinated for the health of our whole community.

Our services center on building relationship, and there is an element of relationship-building that we aren't able to achieve over the phone sometimes! We would love to get back to meeting people in person (while still providing phone support), but we can't do that without the contribution of all of you, and our community at large.

You can sign up for your vaccine at the mass vaccination site at Deschutes County Fairgrounds: www.centraloregoncovidvaccine.com

If you don't have access to the internet, you can call 541-699-5109. We have experienced high call volumes, so you may need to be on hold for a while. If you are still struggling to get through, contact us and leave a message at 541-728-1022, or email us at info@thrivecentraloregon.org. We are happy to help!

Other clinic options for vaccination:

Have questions about the vaccine, safety, or rumors you may have heard? Check out this website!
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