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Meet Our Community: Kimberly

This month we spoke with Kimberly, who recently moved into the new 55 yo+ affordable housing complex in Bend, Legacy Landing. Kimberly also had the chance to share some of her story on our local news station KTVZ!

Kimberly happily unpacked boxes in her new apartment as we spoke on the phone this past month. When asked how she likes her new place she gushed,

“Oh I love it. This is my forever home.”

As with many folks, the journey getting to her forever home was long and at times very challenging. For the past couple years, Kimberly had been staying with various family members for short periods of time, creating a lack of security, independence, and stability in her life. Being on a fixed income through social security, she recalls feeling hopeless that she would ever be able to afford a place on her own.

After some internet searches, Kimberly found our organization and was floored when she quickly got a call back and was connected with one of our Community Outreach Advocates. Thrive assisted Kimberly in searching for and applying for various affordable housing options, one of them being her forever home at Legacy Landing.

After months of waiting, Kimberly was informed that she would be in the first round of move-ins at Legacy Landing, but affording this apartment on her limited income still remained a barrier. Thrive connected her with an Emergency Housing Voucher, a program in which Kimberly pays 30% of her monthly income towards rent and the voucher covers the remainder. Thrive was also able to pay the deposit and cover Kimberly’s first month of rent while she waits on the final steps for the voucher approval process.

When I asked Kimberly about her experience with Thrive, she spoke of how encouraging it was to make a personal connection with her caseworker and have weekly check-ins. “Without Thrive’s help, I would not have a place to live. I owe you guys everything.” We are so happy for Kimberly in this next chapter of her life.

To see Kimberly share her story on local news station KTVZ, click here!

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