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Meet our Community: Patty

This month we chatted with Patty, who has lived in Central Oregon since she was 17 and has been working with Thrive for several years.

Patty was first referred to Thrive by Housing Works back in 2018 when she needed help filling out applications for housing, applying for disability, and getting connected to other resources. At the time Patty came to Thrive she needed help navigating the systems and barriers she was facing because she no longer felt like she could do it alone.

When we asked Patty what her experience was like working with advocates at Thrive she said,

“I am very grateful for my experience of working with your advocates because they are nice, helpful, and took time out of their day to help me fill out applications online which were things I couldn’t do on my own.”

Throughout her time working with Thrive, Patty has worked with several different advocates and is very grateful for every one of them. The most recent advocate she has been working with is Britta. She feels comfortable reaching out to Britta whenever she needs help with something no matter how big or small. Britta most recently helped her apply to the Lions Club so she could get new glasses.

When asked if she has any advice for people who might be in a similar situation, Patty said the most important thing is to just ask for help. It was difficult for her to reach out at first, but the extra push from Housing Works to reach out to Thrive made her realize that she needed more support.

Working with Thrive has also helped Patty realize that the things that may seem unachievable aren’t really that far out of reach. Some words of wisdom she would like to share is “to move forward in all aspects because when you get support with things you are able to do more.”

When Patty first came to work with Thrive her credit score was not very good, but over time she has been able to take small steps to improve this. Having a good credit score helps give her added security when applying for housing. Patty thought that having a good credit score was something she could never accomplish because of other problems she was facing, but having Thrive help her navigate the bigger issues has allowed her to have time to work on smaller barriers such as credit.

A quote that Patty wanted to share is,

“I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

This quote is a Jewish Proverb that helps Patty keep things in perspective. It reminds her that there is always someone who might be struggling more than her and because of that it is important for her to be patient and kind to everyone she meets.

Thank you Patty for sharing your story. We are so grateful for you!

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