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Spring for Thrive 2023

Updated: May 7, 2023

Dear friends and supporters,

April was an incredibly busy month for us at Thrive Central Oregon. We were filling our days with outreach sites, housing applications and phone calls. We provided 703 appointments this month and in the midst of it we hosted our very first live fundraising event!

If you met us at the Tower Theatre, or at our smaller events in Prineville, Redmond or Madras, you know this was a project of the heart, and a long time in the making. Our team was right out there, hosting our events, selling raffle tickets and sharing their “why” when it comes to the work Thrive does. I am both grateful and proud to have been part of this effort.

We are grateful to have many of you join us during our inaugural film event. Having the opportunity to be out in the community with you, our neighbors, donors, partner agencies, families and friends gives us the chance to tell stories of the work we do and people we meet every day. As advocates and housing assisters, we are honored to be let into people’s lives and work with them to navigate speed bumps and barriers as they pursue their goals. Being part of these stories is amazing, and we are constantly thinking of how we can bring these stories to the greater community. Our film festival allowed us to do just this - to share some of these stories, or ones very similar, with all of you. For those of you that supported us in these endeavors, I cannot thank you enough.

Whether or not you joined us this year, I hope you will save the date for our next film event: Saturday April 13, 2024 at the Tower Theatre. If you weren’t able to attend, one of our takeaways was a Playbill (Thrivebill, to be precise) where we shared more information about our sponsors, the films and other film recommendations for our audience at home. We watched many films that were so impactful and reflected the stories we hear - we hope you are able to watch some of them from your home.

Thrivebill 2023
Download • 8.48MB

A highlight for me this year came out of our Voices Project. This is an ongoing project where community members are asked to call in to an anonymous phone line to tell their story of living in Central Oregon. This 5 minute piece will give you a snapshot of the people’s lives that we get to be part of. Lives like these will be directly impacted from the proceeds of our event; in the form of application fees, housing deposits and emergency rent payments. The tickets you purchased, donations you made and raffle tickets you bought helped us do that!

For those of you that did attend our event at the Tower, be on the lookout in your email over the next couple of weeks for our follow-up survey about your experience at the event. We truly want to make this event an ongoing fun, educational experience for our community and your feedback will help us do so!

Again, thank you for joining us,


Check out our awesome gear - coming to our website soon! We love using Sticker Mule for our custom stickers​ 😍

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