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Help us tell our community's story!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Use your voice, share your story!

From now until early April, we're collecting the stories of Central Oregonians through our anonymous voicemail line - to share with the community during Spring for Thrive. Every day we are honored with folks sharing their stories with us, and they're stories we think everyone should hear!

We want our community to know the breadth of experience that is life in Central Oregon- as the more we share, the more humanity we see in each other. Anyone can leave a message, about anything in their life they think people should know about. No need to leave your name, and no one will call you back :)

Share your stories about housing, family, health, struggles and dreams with us at: 541-238-2151

By contributing to Thrive Central Oregon's Voices project, you are giving us permission to share your voice and story with the public. Your full message may be edited.

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