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What it's like to volunteer with Thrive

If you’ve been thinking about volunteering with Thrive, think no more! Graham shares his experience as a Thrive Moving Assistance volunteer, from what motivated him to join to what it is like to help someone. Graham has assisted a few folks who have moved into housing over the past year, so we thought he would be a great person to speak on the details and benefits of volunteering.

Why did you decide you'd like to volunteer as moving help with Thrive?

Volunteering is good for you! You get to spend some time that's dedicated to helping others and when you are on the moving team you are (usually) there in a very good time of their lives.

Often, it's the end of years of work to get on housing lists and you help people who may not be able to physically move items as well as you can. It's very satisfying to help someone move!

At the end of your time all the stuff has moved from one place to the next! It's a finite task and we often don't get those in life. Watch a dream come true! Meet some new people and share an experience with others.

How would you describe the experiences you have had helping people move?

My favorite memory is helping a lady move out of a temporary tiny space shelter into a nice clean, spacious, and sunny 1-bedroom apartment, with air conditioning! She had been working with TCO for years to get on lists and I was part of the final step - removing her things from a tiny, dark, hot (no air conditioning), cramped space into her own.

When I left, she was sitting back in her easy chair, AC blowing on her, with her dog on her lap just soaking in the new place and improvement in living conditions. It was really wonderful and rewarding to see that final step and all I had to do was load stuff in my SUV and drive it to the next place - a task she was not physically capable of doing.

What would you tell others who are interested in volunteering in this way, but are nervous or not sure what to expect?

Are you capable of lifting things? Do you have a working truck or SUV? How about a pair of gloves and a good attitude? Do you enjoy helping people who really need and appreciate your help? Then this is for you. Donate a few hours of your time and be there for the final step of TCO's work. You won't regret it.

Thank you Graham for sharing your experience with everyone, and for being a stellar volunteer with Thrive ❤️

If you have any questions about joining our Moving Team, reach out to
Sign up to volunteer here! It only takes one minute, maybe two :)
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