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Announcing: Spring for Thrive Central Oregon!

Drumroll please......!

We are excited to announce our inaugural Spring for Thrive fundraising event, coming to Central Oregon April 18-24, 2021! As some of you may know, we put a lot of work into Spring for Thrive last March (2020), only for it to be swiftly cancelled due to the onset of the pandemic. If anything, we are resilient- so we are brushing ourselves off and trying again!

Our plan for this year is simple. We know that Central Oregon local businesses are struggling, so we have developed a new kind of fundraiser. If you or any businesses in the area are interested in gaining publicity and supporting Thrive in the process- please have them reach out to us at:, or message us on our website.

Here are more details about what the event will entail:

  • April 18-24, 2021

  • Participating businesses pick a day during that week, and we promote their business. How? On the day they choose, we will advertise the business on social media. In addition, information about the event and all participating businesses will be included in this newsletter, local print and radio ads and Downtown Bend banners.

  • In support of our work, the business makes a donation to Thrive Central Oregon that fits their budget. Nothing is tied to sales or specific items purchased- just a donation as able.

Our goal:

We want our community to support local businesses, and more of Central Oregon to get a better understanding and recognition of Thrive Central Oregon and the work we are doing.

Please let us know if this is something you are interested in participating in, or if you know a business that would like to learn more!

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