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Staff Highlight (June)

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Michelle Rodriguez recently joined the Thrive Central Oregon team and is a Community Outreach Advocate I (Bilingual).

Michelle grew up in Redmond, and currently lives there with her family. She loves everything about the small community, and was excited when an opportunity arose to apply for a position with Thrive Central Oregon.

After working for the school district for many years, she knew it was time to start a new work chapter. A former colleague brought the opening at Thrive to her attention and she is forever grateful! After reading our mission statement, she knew it would be a great fit because she is passionate about helping others.

Michelle loves being able to connect individuals to resources, especially the ability to utilize her bilingual abilities to support the Latinx community. She finds fulfillment in knowing she is working from the heart, and enjoys being a part of the supportive and warm-hearted Thrive Central Oregon team.

When asked if she could share a story from her time with Thrive so far:

A story that comes to mind is one of my very first clients starting with Thrive: a family of 3 that was renting a room from friends. They were told they needed to move out with very little notice, and they did not speak any English. They had no idea where to turn, so they reached out to us. Our team was able to assist them in applying for apartments in the area and 2 months later they had keys to their very own apartment! Although obstacles do arise we find the way to advocate for our clients and that makes Thrive a special place to work!

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