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Team Highlight: Karla

This month we are highlighting our team member Karla. Karla is a Bilingual Community Outreach Advocate who currently provides services over the phone.

Karla has many talents and when we asked her what her hobbies are she said

“Movement is LIFE! I love the joy of dancing, the intensity of playing tennis, the discipline in Martial Arts, and the spirituality in meditation.”

Karla joined the Thrive team because of her desire to serve the members of her community and build meaningful human relationships. Karla said her favorite part about working for Thrive thus far has been “The beautiful people on my team! My coworkers are friendly, happy, and goodhearted; it is a pleasure working with them.”

A quote that is very meaningful to Karla is "The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Thank you Karla for all that you do!

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