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Thank you end of year donors!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Our end of year giving season was a success, and we are thoroughly grateful to all the private donors that contributed and helped us raise $12,760 in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, and $15,910 since the beginning of November!

A huge thank you to our most recent grant funders!

  • Oregon Health Authority-CV, funding renewed at $109,502 to provide wrap-around support for those affected by COVID-19, particularly positive and contact cases, across Central Oregon.

  • NeighborImpact- Emergency Solutions grant, with $18,711 to support staffing needs for Bend and La Pine

  • Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation with $15,000 to support staffing needs across Deschutes County

Stay tuned to our coming newsletters and our social media about our Spring for Thrive campaign! As some of you may know, we were ready for kickoff on our inaugural fundraising event Spring for Thrive last March, when the pandemic hit. We are looking forward to this year’s event, which will take a slightly different form but sure to be a fun way to support our organization.

Remember: you can set up recurring donations to Thrive Central Oregon on our website’s Donate page via PayPal. Recurring donations, no matter what amount, are hugely helpful to our organization!

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