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Meet our Community: James

This month we highlight James, who has lived in Central Oregon since 2000 and has worked with Thrive for two years. James enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

James first heard about Thrive through a friend that had received support finding a rental using her Housing Choice Voucher. At the time, James was struggling because he was unable to work due to his disability. He decided to reach out to Thrive to see if he could get support with understanding and applying for a voucher, as well as general housing help. After working with Thrive for over a year, James was selected for a voucher. Since receiving the voucher recently, he has also worked with us to get into an affordable property. He is so excited to be moving into his own place!

When asked what James’ experience was like working with Thrive he said, “ It has been great! I am currently working with Barb and she has been great. Most people aren’t that kind anymore and I am so grateful for all the work she has put into helping me.” James said that he wishes he would’ve heard about Thrive sooner and recommends that everyone should reach out to Thrive if they need support. He thinks that many people would benefit from the services that Thrive has to offer and hopes that other people can get the support that he was able to receive.

Since working with Thrive, James said he has become a “happy camper” and his stress levels have gone down so much knowing that he will be moving into his own place soon. He is excited to not stress about housing anymore and have time to do things that he enjoys and maybe even pick up some new hobbies! If James could, he would give Thrive a “5-star review!” and wants to remind people that Thrive is here to support them. James believes that life is short, so you better enjoy it and he is looking forward to enjoying it in his new place.

Thank you James for sharing your story with us. We are so grateful to have you as a part of our community!

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