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Meet our Community: Jane

Updated: May 2

For this month’s client highlight, we met with Jane (name changed for anonymity purposes) about her work with Thrive Central Oregon. Before moving to Central Oregon in 2003 for work, Jane lived in Mexico. When she was growing up, she experienced food insecurity and she wanted to help support her family from a young age. She studied until 3rd grade in Mexico and started working at age 12 in a tortilleria to help make ends meet. 

Jane said that the biggest challenge that she has overcome was crossing the Rio Grande when she didn’t know how to swim, and moving to another country. Before connecting with Thrive, she was staying at a shelter with her daughter, and she has primarily been working with Megan and Oz to apply for affordable housing. When speaking about her experience working with Thrive, she said, “I like working with them because when you need something, they are there for you.”

When talking about what her life looks like today, Jane said, “It feels totally different. We have a place like we have never had before. We always rented a room. Having an apartment of your own is totally different.” Some of her favorite hobbies include going to parks, going out to eat, and spending time with her friends. 

When asked if Jane had any advice for others out there who might be in a similar situation, she said, “ You want to give up when you are in a hard situation. I recommend that people in a similar situation don’t give up. Sometimes you want to throw in the towel, but you must fight to move forward.” 

Some final thoughts that Jane wanted to share with the community were:

“I can tell you that I am totally grateful. I never thought there was this program that supports you like this. It feels good when there are people who help you.”

A personal quote that Jane would like to share is: 

“Les deseo que dios me los cuida, para mi son ángeles que dios puso en mi camino, que dios puso angeles a mi alrededor para respaldar, para mi son mi familia porque me respaldan, yo me siento fortalecida con ganas de luchar para mi y para mi hija.”
"I wish that God takes care of you, for me there are angels that God put in my path, that God put angels around me to support me, for me they are my family because they support me, I feel strengthened with the desire to fight for myself and for my daughter."

Thank you Jane for sharing your story!

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