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Meet our Community: Jane

This month we chatted with community member Jane Doe (name changed for anonymity purposes) and her family about her work with Thrive. Jane and her family (partner and their daughter) moved to Central Oregon a year ago from Seattle because of a family emergency. When they first moved to Central Oregon they were able to stay with family, but eventually, the place they were staying at became too crowded and they decided to go to the Bethlehem Inn. The Bethlehem Inn was where Jane and her family first heard about Thrive and got connected with us.

One of the biggest barriers Jane and her family faced when it came to housing was credit. Jane and her family were in a complicated living situation before they moved to Central Oregon, they ended up owing a lot of money to a rental company which greatly decreased their credit score. Jane and her family decided to reach out to Thrive to see if there was anything they could do. Jane met Chesed at the library and he quickly became her and her family’s primary advocate.

Jane is very grateful to Chesed for all of the hard work he put into supporting her and her family. Jane said that Chesed was constantly in touch with them to keep them updated on the situation. Chesed helped Jane apply to different affordable housing complexes and after a few months, they were finally selected for one. Initially, Jane and her family were denied the property because of their poor credit, but Chesed was quickly able to help them appeal the denial and get approved. Once they were approved, Chesed was also able to help them find deposit assistance so they could officially move into their own place.

When asked what advice she would give others in similar situations, Jane said, “Don’t give up. I didn’t know you could appeal a denial until Chesed explained it to me and I am so grateful to know about that now. It shows you that you should always keep trying.” She also emphasized how important it is for individuals to take initiative in navigating their situations. She said, “It is great to have an advocate supporting you, but you also have to put in the work.” Jane’s outlook on life has become much more hopeful since working with Thrive and she feels like Thrive has helped her get a second chance and start over. Jane is grateful for everything Chesed and Thrive have done for her and recommends that everyone reach out for help if needed.

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